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Vehicle Graphics earn you Business.

As a mobile advert, your business can be seen by millions of people a year, even in your local community, your vehicle graphics will become ‘known’ and seen by local people on a regular basis.

As a mobile representation of your business, it’s important to make it look the best you can. Here are our top tips for how great vehicle graphics can help your business do more business.

  1. Use a designer. This may only cost you £50 or so, so find a graphics designer to portray your business in an effective way. If your preferred vehicle graphic producer does not have an in-house designer, they can surely recommend a local one.
  2. The Back of your Vehicle is King! – Think about it? when your vehicle is being driven, the rear of it is the area that is seen most often and certainly for the longest time. How often have you be stuck behind the same van for miles and miles?The back of your vehicle is the place to put all your information and to interact with your viewer. Make it attractive and provide a ‘call to action’ for the reader. This could be as simple as ‘Find us on Facebook’, or visit our web site for more information. A full colour image of your product is a great idea and demonstrates exactly what you do.  Avoid wasting space with full addresses and postcodes, even phone numbers – how many have you ever written down? Use a QR Code (those funny matrix looking things). Ask a question of the viewer.
  3. Big Bold and Beautiful – That’s what the sides of your vehicle need to be. These are often seen driving past at speed, so the viewer has little time to take in your message, so use as few words as possible and big pictures/graphics to get your point across.
  4. The Doors – side doors are fine for secondary contact information. Telephone numbers etc.,
  5. The Bonnet – This is probably the least effective space, but fine if you want to display your logo.
  6. Use a professional vehicle graphic specialist like Advanced Printing Services, with a dedicated studio where they can install your graphics indoors.
  7. Keep it Clean and Carry on. Road grime and dirt can easily collect around the edges of your graphics and over time can have a detrimental effect. Keeping your vehicle clean helps to keep your graphics looking great for longer.